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Fly by Night Publishing Websites

Websites Originally Created or Maintained:
[The Canopy Of Neighbors organization had paid for this template-style website but I maintained it, added slide shows and videos and other informational content.]

Websites Originally Created But No Longer Maintaining:

I originally created these websitesbut but subsequently, they have either outsourced their webh work or the organization has gone out of business:


See the Website Portfolio on WIX

What We Provide Our Clients:

  • Personal and Corporate web-sites
  • Web page videos for client instruction and customer testimonials (see examples on Videography Link)
  • Social Media Communications (web-slide-shows)
  • Corporate annual reports
  • On-line response forms
  • On-line e-commerce points of sale
  • Technical how-to publications & videos
  • Sales and marketing publications
  • Software training and support

Many of the links on this website are for demonstrating technology and using communication to make connections and build community. If you see something seemingly useful, ask us and we'll try to help you get started.