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Content is almost everything. Keep it fresh, accurate and relevant to your target audience. Each page must be considered as to whether it truly provides needed content. Ask yourself this: If you printed a page from your computer and put it up on a bulletin board in a hallway, what is there about that page that would bring anyone to care about it? The same should be asked about any web page.
Strive for Ease of Use – have others test your site. 60% of e-Commerce sites have people not knowing how to finish the transaction (like how to check out their shopping cart).

Visit: (good articles on what helps visitors on the web)

Try using plug-ins and multimedia: start with a still image and ask them if they are interested. If so, give them a link to click on to let them choose. But avoid overkill on multimedia and remember flashing lights trigger migraines and seizures.

Check out a few good examples of web pages with multimedia:

  1. (once there, click on the Sedona and the San Diego words for special effects)
  2. St. Paul’s Lutheran Church site has dynamic pages:
    Contact John Christensen for more information on web hosting, web pages and getting your church information on the web: [email protected]
  3. (home site of the, makers of multimedia software)