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Where To Put Your Site

  • Have the Web Server (computer hosting the web pages) Owned and Operated By Your Organization? or
  • Through a Local Provider? or
  • Through a National Provider (ReadyHosting, Yahoo, MSN, AT&T, etc.) (Recommended)

See the Webssite Planning Tally Sheet (Adobe® Acrobat® Format) Web Planning
Recommendation: Between an MSN and Yahoo Webmaster accounts, Yahoo has an easier and more efficient file management system in that you can upload up to 20 files at once with their software. MSN forces you (unless they’ve changed it) to handle only one file at a time.

Considerations When Shopping for Web Site Host
  • Setup Fee? / Monthly Fee?
  • Duration of Contract?
  • Amount of disk space?
  • Hit or transfer limits?
  • E-mail accounts? / E-mail services available?
  • FTP service available?
  • CGI (common gateway interface – like Perl) scripts permitted?
  • ActiveX / FrontPage or Dreamweaver Support?
Where to start learning how to put up your wed pages: (URL’s (“Uniform Resource Locator” or web addresses):
  • Yahoo GeoCities: http://geocities.yahoo.com/home/
    Once you’ve established a free email account, you can create home pages and learn what is involved in getting your web pages from your computer to your free space on  their server. Once you get used to how the .HTML files work, you can rent file server  hard drive space through a GeoPlus Account and not have to put up with banner  advertising (see costs below).
Sample Expenses 
  • Yahoo Geocities (startup fee for GeoCitiesPlus -$10) $10.00
  • Yahoo Geocities (monthly GeoPlus fee and Virtual URL) $9.95 for 25 MB of space for your web pages
  • Network Solutions (domain name reservation) $45. i.e. www.YourName.com
  • MSN (or some other ISP monthly network charge) $24.00 typical monthly charge from an Internet Provider
  • or Adelphia Powerlink ($39.95) + Dialup Internet Service for accessing the Internet in location other than where cable modem is located ($15.95) $55.90
  • Network Solutions (10 year renewal of domain name) $280.00